A home is supposed to provide you with many benefits. The primary purpose is of course shelter from the elements. You stay dry, clean, and comfortable, either warm or cool depending on your climate and needs. Yet, it’s also a place for rest and relaxation, where you spend time with loved ones recuperating from the world’s many stresses and demands.

That’s all a lot easier to accomplish when you have the right interior decor, and many homeowners choose to go for a nautical design theme to remember the fun of sailing or even times at the beach. There are many ways to introduce such a concept to your home, but here are 8 specific elements you might shop for to add to your collection.

1) Ships in a bottle: Nothing screams nautical design theme like these classic pieces of decor. If you do decide to get one to put on a shelf or table, make sure you get something authentically handcrafted and not mass produced by machines.

2) Model lighthouses: One of these can put you mentally at the beach quite quickly. Finding one that’s actually a source of light for your room can even provide function as well as form. If you’re truly adventurous, you can even make a cat scratching post in the style and shape of one.

3) Rope lamps: Another kind of lamp that fits a nautical design theme quite well is any lamp that is either made of rope or incorporates rope elements, as rope is a very commonly used thing on ships at sea.

4) A ship’s wheel hung on the wall: This is one piece of hardwood decor you can use as an accent piece that sets a tone for the whole room. Other options include propellers or even anchors.

5) Jars full of seashells: You can find glass canisters full of seashells, but you can also collect and make your own when at the coast. Lamps full of seashells or even bottle corks also fit this theme quite well.

6) Ocean wave wallpaper: You can also paint waves, or just hang paintings of sail boats, fishermen, and dolphins flying and flipping in the air.

7) Curtains with sailboats: If you want to leave the walls solid colors or free for accent pieces, then curtains, shades, drapes, and blinds also work out well.

8) Sand and sea colors: In everything you do in a room, try to keep coastal and sea colors as your primaries. Soft blues and whites are common, with some browns and grays mixed in as well. Tans and beiges can also work out well too.

The sea often represents the infinite mystery that is life but also with the eternal hope of something better right over the horizon. As you collect these 8 specific elements of a nautical design theme for your home, hopefully your residence will ready you for another day of adventure in your life on land.