The farmhouse is a rather unpretentious style that’s distinctly all-American. The farmhouse style usually boasts of collected-over-time appearances, complete with vintage finishes, distressed furnishings, and old-school prints. On the other hand, the rustic style of a home is usually character-filled and inviting all thanks to the oversized, cozy furniture, the earthy hues, and the various time-worn accents. Every element in the rustic-style space often gives a rough-hewn charm and sense of history. The beauty with the rustic style of décor is that it is not just a single-trick pony; it blends perfectly with many other styles from the rustic-farmhouse to rustic modern.

What Are The Basics Of These Styles?

The farmhouse style of décor is synonymous with sturdy, time-tested pieces of furniture that are crafted from wrought iron and distressed woods with gray, cream, sage, navy and white being the most commonly used colors. The farmhouse décor is also associated with open shelving to showcase home accessories and heirloom pieces. With this style’s focus being on renovating and up cycling, the old is quickly transformed into something new.

On the other hand, the rustic style is mostly associated with weathered or distressed finishes with rough-edged wood furniture and soft leather furniture being the most common accents. This style features warm-tones and neutral colors in addition to lots of texture-rich, hand-stitched fabrics. The rustic home design style is easily identified by the presence of many exposed outdoor elements such as wood, brick, and stone.

The Painting

The farmhouse décor style features an earthy palette. The blend of lived-in neutrals does wonders, and the result is a classic base with pale shades of white, gray and beige. Most of the farmhouse style paintings are frequently based on earth tones like fawn, sage, and slat for a modern touch or subdued appeal. Light unfinished woods – pine, birch, and oak – complement the neutral paintings and connect your house to nature. Deeper woods such as cherry and mahogany are sprinkled in to add depth and variety to your design.

The painting used in the rustic style is rather warm and cozy. From supple tan leather seats to the cabin-style wood paneling, the rustic style of décor is all about the warm and inviting colors. This design style outsources its paint designs from Mother Nature’s neutral palette with a blend of muted blacks, soft grays, beiges, and browns. With this style, you can choose to go with solid-colored pieces then combine them with interesting textile pieces such as patterned area rugs or hand-stitched quilt.

The Architectural Elements

The farmhouse style’s exemplary craftsmanship is always on display. Hardwood floors, rugged beams, ample windows, and built-in cabinets are pretty much standard. This style also features an open layout where the living room, dining space, and kitchen are all one thus allowing for a unified space with seamless transitions. The exterior is defined by metal roofs, symmetrical dormer windows and the white siding which are simply welcoming.

From the stone accent walls to the brick flooring, the architectural elements of the rustic style echo the natural surroundings and lend rustic homes a homespun personality. The fireplaces are often covered with brick or stone to create cozy gathering spots. The lighting and metal details on the stairways give your home an industrial feel.