Have a farmhouse that needs to get its kitchen renovated or redesigned?

You are not alone!

This is where it’s time to take a look at what others are doing. These farmhouse kitchen design trends are going to give you a great idea of what direction to go in and how to maximize it for long-term value.

Look into these design trends and know they are going to help you out over time.

Start now and go with the right design trends as soon as possible!

1) Black and White

This is one of those traditional options that is going to remain a staple trend. It is not going to die out, and it has come back with a boom. The reason has to do with some of the variations in uppers, lowers, and other aspects of the kitchen. You can play around with materials while still keeping this color combination. This is exciting to property owners who want to add value to their farmhouse without going over the top. This is the way to do so because it will look good in most settings.

The black and white trend is gorgeous and a big reason to head down this path.

2) Large Uppers with Contrasting Colors

With farmhouse kitchen design trends, you are going to hear about colors but what about cabinet sizes? This is a part of the design too!

You want to look at more substantial uppers because the smaller ones are a thing of the past. They are not as appealing as the larger ones. People need more space, and this is one of the ways to get it. You can ignore other cabinets and target the more substantial uppers.

Of course, to add a personalized feel to it, people go with contrasting colors.

This means the uppers are white, while the countertop is black.

This is just one example.

3) Rustic Elegance

This is another option that has come up. This is ideal and something one can get behind right away. The idea behind the rustic look is to go with the farmhouse theme. You are going to have the “barn door” appearance to the cabinets making it feel homely or rustic. This is key because too many kitchens become modernized and that isn’t what a lot of people want. If you wish to mix things up a bit, you will like this option. You can always play around with the color combinations.

The goal should always be to consider all farmhouse kitchen design trends before pushing forward. The three trends mentioned here are starting to become a big part of farmhouses around the nation. You want to tap into one of these trends and give it a personal twist. This is how you are going to enjoy how it looks as it will give life to your kitchen. It is those little details that bring life to a kitchen, and it is your choices that will decide what direction things go in over time.