A design trend that continues to gain popularity when it comes to home decor is “Farmhouse Chic.” In this article, we will discuss 2017 trends of the modern farmhouse look.

The first trend that we are seeing when it comes to Farmhouse Chic is the color white. White interiors are a must, as well as a white exterior. And don’t be afraid to mix and match materials. Wooden accents and industrial materials work highly with such a crisp and clean color. Another trend, in contrast to white, is using the color black as an accent. Paired with white, as well as deep and warm woods, you end up with a very pleasing color palette. Walls that are white when it comes to the larger spaces of the home (think living room, kitchen, etc.) especially pop when paired with black windows and doors, as well as appliances.

When it comes to the interior of a modern farmhouse, there are a few different ways that one can choose to approach doors. One is the sliding barn door, which carries a traditional farmhouse appeal. Another is the more contemporary and sleek sliding door. A great idea, no matter what type of door that you choose to go with, is to leave your walls white and paint the sliding door black. This will really help to make your space pop. A sliding door with a large glass window also helps to open up the room and keep things flowing well.

While white and black is the main color trend that we have been seeing when it comes to Farmhouse Chic home design, throwing a bit of gray in the mix is a wonderful trend as well. So is bold elements and geometric prints. Hardwood flooring adds the warmth that you need to add spice to the home. Contrast when it comes to details helps to make a neutral space appear larger and warmer, so play with prints and colors to see what you like the best in your modern farmhouse.

Another trend? The use of marble and glass. These are your friend, especially when it comes to countertops and light fixtures. Glass light fixtures keep the spaces throughout your home contemporary and modern, especially paired with warm lighting that gives the appearance of candle light. Brick is another material that looks fantastic in a modern farmhouse. Try in one of your bathrooms painting the walls black, but building the shower out of white brick. This really makes the room look fabulous.

A modern farmhouse, one that is contemporary and “Farmhouse Chic”, looks the best when approached from a minimalist’s standpoint. Keep your decorations and wall hangings simple, and in line with the neutral color palette used.

In conclusion, the Farmhouse Chic design is one that is simple, crisp, and clean. These trends that have been seen in 2017 are not only visually appealing, but give a country home a contemporary and modern charm that will surely make everyone in the family glad to call the space “home.”